Hawg Trough

To keep things as fair as possible we are now requiring that everyone use the same model bump board during the tournaments.  Bent Rods has picked the yellow Hawg Trough as the official bump board of Bent Rods Bass Club.

We encourage all teams to purchase their own before tournament season starts. We will try and have a couple of loaners at each tournament but please don’t count on them being available.

Purchase the one in inches with blackened numbers and then use a black sharpie on the ridge lines this will help the tournament director when he is reviewing your photos.

We recommend buying one from Amazon:


Bent Rods will also have a couple of loaners at tournaments.

YouTube video of Hawg Trough

Below is an example of a Hawg Trough that has had its lines darkened with a sharpie.  It also demonstrates the proper way to photograph your catch.