Giving Back

Bent Rods Bass Club strongly believes in giving back and in the Karma of helping others, so each year we pick a new Charity to support.

For 2017 we supported the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation – Illinois Carol Fisher Chapter, we will be hosting a Charity Tournament and raffled off a custom fishing rod and a 13 Fishing Inception 8.0:1 Casting Reel from

For 2016 we supported the National Breast Cancer Foundation / Pink Fishing, we will be hosting a Charity Tournament and raffling off a custom frog rod and some other prizes.

For 2015 we supported the American Porphyria Foundation.

For 2015 fund raising events we hosted the Bent “mini” Rods Challenge and raffled off a custom built baitcasting rod & reel.

For 2014 we supported the Andrea Lynn Cancer Fund we hosted Frogapalooza and raffled off a custom spinning rod.

If you want to help us give back with prize or monetary donations please contact our treasurer